Electrical Products



Electrical Products

Power Generator Sets

GÄG can provide a wide range of state-of-the-art diesel powered generator sets from 100 kVA to 3,500 kVA capacity. Depending on deployment, we can deliver and install either open or silent canopy types.

Mobile Lighting Towers

Our mobile Lighting Tower systems are easy to deploy in any setting where off grid lighting is required. Making them indispensable in sports arenas, large events and gatherings, construction projects or other areas where night time lighting is required. They are also perfect for filming locations, emergency areas, construction sites, parking lots, highways, drilling and mining operations, community events, airports and sporting events or arenas.

Main Distribution Boards

With or without auxiliary generators, every building requires an MDB, customised to its overall power consumption. GÄG can provide customized main distribution boards for any system and requirement.